Thursday, February 20, 2014

WTA and Edibles: Go local swap

Betty from the UK (hazelwitch3) was both the winner of WTA 58 in the Edibles group on swap bot, but also my partner for the Edibles: Go local swap in the same group. For the WTA she will receive:
- Fragrant Greek oregano
-A recipe card for making Greek salad
-A halva bar
- A lemon sugar for baking and
-A custard style instant choco cream
As the aim of the Go local swap was to send edibles that are found locally, I have decided to introduce Betty to the following Greek products:
- Greek safron in filaments
-Greek mountain tea
- A honey and sesame bar
I hope that she enjoys everything!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wish granted-received

I received some elegant spring themed ephemera from Vintervila for the Wishlist group in January:

Wishes granted - sent

During January, I granted two wishes through the Wishlist group on Swap-bot. Heirloom and Aumonae received cards for their birthday:

Christmas swaps - received

Here are the swaps I received this Christmas via Swap-bot:
For Christmas surprise 2 from Sonja in the Netherlands:
 For Christmas suprise from Melissaki from Turkey:
For the same swap as above, from Natasa from Greece:
For the International Christmas Gifts Swap from Bluebear:
For the Christmas gift under my tree from lloydp (this swap actually rocked, thank you for being so generous!):

I also got a second hand copy of the book Lasher by Anne Rice from xsugarycarnival from the UK, for the Christmas wishlist swap.