Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shopping for wedding gowns...

A very good friend of mine is getting married this summer, so I joined her in searching for the perfect wedding gown...This is what we saw upon entering the first bridal shop.

My friend finally ended up choosing a wedding gown which looks like an ancient Greek dress.

The dress itself is very elegant and she looks stunning in it! 

It is quite simple, but these decorative touches give it a special character!

Spring is in the air...

What should I make with these...?

Decorating Easter eggs

Red eggs are probably the brightest symbols of the Greek Easter, as they are associated with rebirth. In the evening of the Thursday before Easter Sunday, women in every Greek household boil and dye red eggs. I like my red eggs with a special twist:

This is actually very easy to make. I use commercial colours (they can be found at local supermarkets), but I also like making the designs you see above. 
In order to make the eggs look like this, you just need some fresh herbs or leaves and some old tights (panty hose) you might have around. Before immersing the eggs in the colour, you place a leaf on the egg, put the egg in the panty hose (which you have cut) and tie it with a string. Once the eggs are ready, you just remove the panty hose and the leaf.

Easter centerpiece

This is a centerpiece I made for my Easter table. This year I decided to go with orange and yellow as my main colours.

It's basically a crystal plate, decorated with flowers, an orange Easter egg, a flower shaped candle and some organza ribbons. I am actually very pleased with the outcome...